Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back in control

http://www.nrtw.org/decertification-election  Not the union, not Monoc...just hard working EMS people who love their jobs and want to move forward...we need money like anyone else. SAVE THIS ADDRESS and READ BELOW:

National Labor Relations Board

20 Washington Place, 5th Floor

Newark, NJ 07102-3110

Regional Director: J. Michael Lightner

Go to the site link above and read the information and if it looks good to you....print the PETITION form. You can sign the PETITION and send to the above address NLRB. You need not collect signatures, you can just sign for yourself. This should not be done on work time.

...Most of us don't pay union dues...for a reason. We want to get our lives and work back in our own hands.

This is provided to you by fellow coworkers, not the union, not Monoc.See More:


Okay...here's something to consider:

*No union contract in the last 4 years.

*Only a handfull of people are actually paying dues...this is the best example of the lack of support from the members. 

*The union has no power, there's nothing the union can do to get a contract...except STRIKE.

*The union has taken the position that they will not strike.  Even if they change this position and call for a Strike Authorization from the members...it's not likely they would get enough votes.

*Even if they got the votes to authorize a strike...the fact is, most members would not honor it and would cross the picket lines.

*So...the union will continue to nip at the heels of Monoc management like they did with the handbilling...to no effect. 

*Our worst fear will be to have the union leaders agree to a "bare bones" contract that gives us nothing...and justify it by saying "it's a start, and we can get more later". 

*We have nearly 600 people in this and only a few are paying dues and going to meetings, the last meeting only 18 people attended which included the officers and delegates!

You may ask..."we may as well stick with the union because...we've come this far (what did we get so far!) OR, " things will be worse if we get rid of the union" (the reality is that prior to the union we had regular market increases in pay each year) AND "I have friends who support the union and I don't want to lose friends over this"...or "I'm afraid of what union supporters think".  Remember almost no one you work with is supporting the union by paying dues...

Sitting around and waiting is not the answer.

Do Something!  You can't expect other people to take care of you and your job.  If you want the union, then support it by paying dues.   If you are not paying dues now...it's for a reason and we welcome you to join us in this Petition to decertify the union.  TAKE BACK CONTROL